History of Makma

Makma, producer of quality sloops since 1986

The history of Makma starts at the moment that in 1986, sailor Jan Frans Mandemaker was looking for a punt for himself to bring his rainbow to the races.

As a textile man, after months of research, he ended up at the company that could make his punt. Unfortunately, the production was stopped because the builder/designer Mr Thijssen had died. Mandemaker was then able to buy the moulds ‘as a joke’ and after a number of modifications built his own punt, a second one for a friend, and another one… and another one… and so began a veritable sloop company. At this time Makma was working with several companies that were building under licence.

At the end of May 2007, Ronald de Tombe and Jan den Braber took over Makma Yachting from Leiden with vigorous plans. After 23 years, founder and now former owner Jan Frans Mandemaker made way for new ambitions. The producer of the famous Admiraalsloep, the Makma Vlet and the beloved ‘Caribbean Cabin Sloop‘ continues under the name Makma Marine. The brand-new owners also aim for an increase in scale, internationalisation and expansion of services and the product range.

In 2008, Makma Marine introduced the extended Makma Caribbean on the Dutch market. This cabin sloop has four sleeping accommodations. The Makma Vlet is also lengthened to 7 metres with a larger sun deck. In addition, the steering position is placed slightly to the rear.

Makma Caribbean 36 cabin sloop
Aquatec Industries Woudsend

Maril Boats from Koudum takes over Makma Marine in 2008. Later that year, Maril & Makma will merge with Antaris. The companies continue under the group name Aquatec Industries. The three separate sloop brands do continue to exist.

The building in Woudsend has a hidden asset. In the heart of the 3,000 m2 building lies an enormous indoor showroom where the boats are displayed in the water. This covered dock can accommodate approximately 50 boats. If you feel like a trial run, you can get on board and sail away on the spot. From 2010, all production and sales are done from Woudsend.

In 2012, the Makma Tendervlet is developed, a contemporary Tender with typical Makma characteristics.

In 2015, the Makma Caribbean 31 underwent a complete refit. Modern materials such as artificial teak are now being used extensively, a modern sports hood and a different steering console, among other things, ensure that the Caribbean 31 is a super modern boat, while retaining its beautiful and elegant shapes. By using more efficient techniques, Makma succeeded in offering the Caribbean at a lower price.

Makma Caribbean 31 MK3
Makma Cayos 28 tender sloop

In 2020, two new types of Makma are launched: the luxurious and stylish Makma Cayos 27 and the Makma Cayos 28. These tenders are ideal for both fast and slow sailing and you can comfortably spend the night in the cabin at the front of the ship. This introduction marks the start of a new era for Makma.

In 2020, the Makma Caribbean 36 is also be modified with, among other things, a raised cabin. This makes it possible to stand upright in the cabin.

With the introduction of new models, there are also models that are removed from the range. Via the menu, you can find our Old models that are no longer being built.

All current Makma models can also be found via the menu under Models.

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